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Vēlējums katram – atrast kādu, kam no sirds gribat palīdzēt

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Visu visu visu cieņu gan Jānim, gan Arnim, gan vecākiem, gan viņu bērniem! Ne mazākās tieksmes uz iedomību un pārgreznību....lai gan atļauties to varētu , jau sen :) Lai veselība, it īpaši Tev, Jāni, piedomā pie sevis:)
Clear, informative, silmpe. Could I send you some e-hugs?
Sure you can. By purchasing ognaric (antibiotic and hormone-free), grass-fed meat and poultry, and only “wild-caught” fish.It’s pricier than conventional versions, but what’s your health worth to you? We just had the biggest survey on ognaric food in history and the results were devastating.The looked at chicken, turkey, sheep meat, beef, pork, fish, eggs and cheese, based on samples bought in local super markets and specialized outlets.Over 70% of the samples contained anti biotics.But what was even more worrying is that thoose sample that contained low or zero amounts of anti biotics contained high levels of bacteria able to cause severe food poisoning like Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli O157, Campylobacter and Clostridium perfringens.They also found the highest percentage of repacked foods.Repacking is undertaken to keep products in stock from which the expiration date has passed.Bon Appetit.
it’s actually the fever that helps to cure us, if we’d just give it a chnace to do its thing. Jack, the same applies to muscular, tendon, & even bone injuries. The body heals itself. I avoid wherever possible taking anti-inflammatories. The body's inflammatory response to a sprain, etc is it's way of facilitating healing (even the pain has a function it's telling us to rest that part of the body). We feel better after taking Voltaren or something like that, because of the pain killers included in the product's formulation. But taking them can in fact retard the healing, and cause more serious damage, because the limb is feeling better, but continued use is resulting in more muscle tearing. The most effective & natural way to encourage healing, is to get more blood supply to the affected area, which serves to supply more nutrients to repair the damage, as well as flushing out the waste by-products. I suspect, fever works the same way. The heart rate increases to circulate more blood, and the actual fever & associated nausea, is a result of all the wasted white blood cells circulating through body (in particular, the brain).My motto is, keep it natural wherever possible, but don't kick science in the teeth when all else fails.
If information were socecr, this would be a goooooal!
A million thanks for posting this inofrmaiton.
Tas bija labākais Latvijas lepnumu ceremonijā - cilvēks ar redzējumu. Tāpēc nav brīnums, ka strādājot paspēj pacelt galvu un paskatīties nākotnē, sniegt atbalstu jauniešiem Latvijā.

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